Stay, Park, & Fly at Cambridge Hotel Gatwick Airport


Just situated few miles away from the Gatwick airport, the Cambridge hotel provides perfect stay, car park and fly which are designed according to your convenience also having frequent transfer services which are flexible according to your flying schedule.

While you are away, we make sure that your car remains safe inside our parking facility so that when you arrive you find your car in perfect riding condition.

Park & Fly Gatwick Airport

I you want to catch a quick flight from the Gatwick airport and need to drop your car at a parking facility, Cambridge hotel parking provides a perfect solution where you can avail park and fly packages according to your convenience of travelling plan and set off towards your flight with the help of our transfer services. When you return, you can relax the night and next day receive your car from our parking facility.

Choosing from stay, park and fly packages you get to avail from various offers of 8 days, 15days, holiday parking packages etc. park and fly Gatwick airport gives you a perfect start to your holiday where you need not worry about your car when it is in our trusted hands.

Park & stay Gatwick Airport

If you have inconvenient flight timing where you need to spend some time near Gatwick airport, Park & Stay Gatwick airport packages are the best choice which you can avail at the Cambridge hotel Gatwick. Park & stay packages come with the night stay so that you can get a good night's sleep before jump in on your holiday. Also according to your return plan Park and stay covers the stay for you so that you can rejuvenate from your travelling tiredness.

Park and stay can be a simple and efficient choice because it with the car parking it also considers your stay while you depart or return from your holiday so you can be assured of guaranteed stress free holiday.

Select from our Hotel and parking services at Gatwick Airport