Gatwick airport is not only UK's busiest airport but it is known as one of the world's most visited airport serving more than 30 million passengers annually. Considering this huge figure in mind it is wise to pre book your secured car parking space well in advance so you can concentrate more on your holiday and less on your car park because we at Cambridge Hotel Gatwick we believe " Your HASSLE FREE Holiday's is Our desire".

By booking early holiday car parking with our website you not only ensure you car a guaranteed car parking space but you can also avail many attractive discounts on various parking services. The discounts can be, what you will pay by showing up on the car parking gate at the day of your departure. There are many service providers available which you can choose from, providing array of various services with us suiting your every need.

Extra day Car Parking fee is £6 per day.

Gatwick Airport Parking:

Gatwick airport parking is always in demand because of the overwhelming number passengers it serves, so it is always advisable to pre book the car parking hotel in well advance to ensure your parking and the discounts attached to it. As per your need you can choose the type of car parking option which suites your plan.

Gatwick Airport Parking Options:

  • Airport Car Parking: Airport parking of Gatwick airport is situated in the bounds of the airport and is available at both North and the South terminals. Both Long term stay parking and Holiday parking services at available at Cambridge hotel Gatwick.
  • Off-Airport Parking: Off- airport parking options do not come inside the perimeter of the Gatwick but are located in the close proximity to the airport. Off-airport parking options are much more cheaply compared to the on-airport parking and also are best suited for the Long term stay parking. Bus transfers are available from the parking facility which hardly takes around 10 minutes to reach the airport terminal from Cambridge Hotel.

Gatwick Airport Parking Terminals:

  • Gatwick Airport North Terminal Parking: The North terminal of Gatwick airport provides wide range of car parking services to select form. You can book Gatwick parking service providers which suites your plan and budget. Services like long term parking, short term parking, holiday parking etc are all available.
  • Gatwick Airport South Terminal Parking: If you are traveling from south terminal there are couple of minutes to reach with us. At South terminal Gatwick airport also have transfer service from hotel to airport safely.

Gatwick Airport Parking Address:

      Cambridge Hotel. 19 Bonehurst Road,
      Horley, RH6 8PP, Surrey, UK
      Tel: 01293 783 990

Facilities at Gatwick Airport:

Gatwick Airport provides various kinds of facilities to fulfill all the kinds of needs. If you want to get pampered by luxury or you have an important business meeting to attain, you can fix everything at the Gatwick airport.

  • Transfer: From all the car parking facilities the bus transfer services are available to take you to or from the Gatwick airport terminal. Also near airport car rentals and taxi services can be found waiting for you.
  • Business Facilities: Gatwick airport takes care of your most important needs, to able to do business procedures while being at airport are also look after. At the North terminal in lounge No 1 there are meeting rooms along with internet access, printing, scanning and fax services. Also you a book for business lounge where all the facilities are at the bay.
  • Leisure Facilities: Gatwick airport can be compared to the shopping mall center because it has wide range of shopping outlets and eateries spread across north and south terminal. it is this vast range of shops and restaurants that makes your waiting for flight experience more enjoyable at Gatwick airport.

Gatwick Airport History:

Before Gatwick airport, there was Gatwick Race Course Company which purchased the Gatwick and also had its own railway station. Gatwick airport began in 1930 as small flying club by Ronald Walters and he obtained his first flying license in 1931. During the Second World War the airport was requisitioned by the air ministry and it was used by RAF. After the world the airport was retained and operated by Civil Aviation ministry for civilian use.

In 1956 Gatwick airport was closed for the purpose of development and after three years was reopened by Her Majesty, the Queen. In its upcoming years Gatwick has gone into multiple changes and makeovers with a new terminal added in 2001.


Booking car parking with the Cambridge Hotel is not only easy as a breeze but also there are ample of discounts and other services that make us stand apart from our competitors.

Stress Free On-Airport service:

After booking with Cambridge Hotel for Gatwick airport you won't need to worry about the car parking procedure when you reach the parking of the airport because after showing your booking reference you will be provided with the ticket and an assured parking space waiting for you.

Secure Online Pre-Booking:

Our online booking system while booking you a car parking space demands your information which is required for the online transaction. This information regarding to our terms and policy is kept secret and is not transferred to any other third party for business purpose. After your booking procedure is completed you receive a confirmation mail with your unique confirmation ID.

Secure Car Parks:

We provides all the security measures at our car parking facility which is loaded with all the high tech security gadgets consisting of security camera, alarms, fencing, barricades, Security patrols by trained personals and much more so that your car remains safe and you remain stress free on your precious holiday.

Only 10 Minutes away from London Gatwick Airport:

Our car parking facility is just ten minutes away from the Gatwick airport with 24*7 transfer service available to and from airport.

Best Price Guaranty:

At Cambridge Hotel you will find the best competitive price for car parking at Gatwick airport. We have our Special offers running all year long, where you can get up to 40% off on this upcoming holiday season. Get our best selected new holiday offers through our news letter. We do not charge any extra costs for pre booking service and also do not have any hidden charges in our packages.

Long, Mid, And Short Stay Services:

At Gatwick airport parking you get to choose from the various parking services according to your need. As per your duration of stay you select a plan according to your convenience. The three main plans that are available are.

  • Short Term Stay: You park your car for few hours while you are to receive someone at airport. Flexible billing amounts available for this service.
  • Midterm stay: You got some fly to your business meeting and so you need to park your car for a couple of days, you may avail midterm parking option.
  • Long term stay: You got a holiday of a week or two and need a cost effective holiday parking service which does not burn a hole in your pocket, go for long term parking service.

Hotel and Car Parking Packages:

We provide wide range of hotel and car parking packages to choose from, here is the list lodging packages which you choose from:

  • Single Room En-suite
  • Double Room En-suite
  • Triple Room En-suite
  • Twin Room En-suite
  • Quad Room En-suite
  • Family Room En-suite

All the above packages are also available with the car parking facility provision for:

  • 8 Days Car Parking
  • 15 Days Car Parking

Dinner and breakfast offers:

If you book a stay with Cambridge Hotel accommodation you get Complementary breakfast offers and with some special bookings you are also provided with the inclusive breakfast and dinner offers respective to the booked package. We have an all equipped restaurant serving some fabulous local and foreign cuisines. You can have drink and relax your day off at our bar.

Security Measures:

  • CCTV: A full coverage of the parking facility is recorded via CCTV cameras that are strategically places capture the complete portion of a car.

  • Lighting: The complete car parking facility perimeter is well lit so that all the cars can be liked after at the night.
  • Fencing: The Car parking area is surrounded by the fencing with entry and exit barricades to keep a check on entry and exit of each vehicle


North Terminal

North Terminal of Gatwick airport is equipped all the necessities and requirements that one can have while flying. You will get bundle of services in all the fields that you can imagine. Here are few facts and services you will get at the north terminal of Gatwick airport.

  • £75 million were invested in extending the North Terminal for the motive of creating more space for passengers arrival and departure with more check-in self-service options
  • New departure baggage system was implemented by investing £39 million
  • Investment of £5 million was made on Improved the security search area creating more lanes to handle day by day increase in passenger traffic.
  • Nearly £17 million were invested in a new multi-storey car parking system having 1,177 new short stay parking spaces and also a premium parking area.
  • Implemented six new large aircraft stands investing £40 million in project, enabling Gatwick airport to operate the A380


  • Currency exchange Gatwick airport partner Moneycorp.
  • Luggage storage at airport while you are enjoying your flight wait or off for some holiday.
  • Special Kids zone and kids friendly restaurants where you can enjoy your family time.
  • Baby changing facilities.
  • Porters services to help you with your excess of luggage.
  • All kinds of parking options available.
  • Family assistance lanes.
  • Airport Lounge for relaxing and making your flight wait experience enjoyable.
  • Cash machines and internet facilities.

South Terminal

South Terminal sees more passengers than the north terminal and hence since its inception there have been many changes and upgrades in the south terminal of Gatwick airport.

  • A new south terminal forefront was created by investing £31 million.
  • A state-of-the-art security area was introduced at South Terminal rolling £45 million.
  • departure lounge was extended with an investment of £34 million
  • Improved and refurbished the aircraft stands and gate rooms on Pier 2 with £40 million.


  • Currency exchange Gatwick airport partner Moneycorp
  • Luggage storage at airport while you are enjoying your flight wait or off for some holiday
  • Special Kids zone and kids friendly restaurants where you can enjoy your family time
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Porters services to help you with your excess of luggage
  • All kinds of parking options available
  • Family assistance lanes
  • Airport Lounge for relaxing and making your flight wait experience enjoyable.
  • Cash machines and internet facilities

Parking procedures at Cambridge Hotel

When you reserve park and stay you get the car parking facility at the Cambridge Hotel lodge where your car is near you and secure within our premises. Appling for Long term stay packages you leave your car at Cambridge Hotel lodge in our parking facility. When you return from your journey, you will be picked up from the airport by our minibus transfer service and brought to Cambridge hotel where your car is waiting for you.


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We chose this hotel for 2 reasons location and free parking for 15 days . firstly the hotel staff are very good the hotel itself is clean and tidy and undergoing a refurbishment so will be better we had a meal in the restaurant which was excellent the minibus...
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My friend and I recently stayed at the Cambridge Hotel as we were travelling to Venice on a 06:40 flight from Gatwick which we thought was inconvenient as we had to travel down from the Midlands. However, this hotel took away all of our worries and provided us with an excellent service...
27 July 2013Read more


My partner and I stayed here in mid July for a night before our holiday, the rooms are slightly dated but are very clean... The staff are relatively helpful. The transfer service to the airport is excellent...
26 July 2013Read more

Pre Booking

Pre Booking your Parking Space with our website is advisable because you can save yourself around 60% of parking charges by ensuring your guaranteed parking space at parking facility.

Reservation cancellation

If you need to cancel your reservations, there is a provision of canceling in 48 hours to get your complete refund of payment.

Service Selection

  • Choose your car parking service at Gatwick airport according to your convenience of travelling plan. Services range from long stay parking, short stay parking, mid stay parking.
  • If you have just few hours or couple of days travel then better choose short stay parking. But if you're travelling plans are around one or two weeks than look into more cost efficient packages of long stay parking.