Gatwick Airport Holiday Parking

Gatwick Airport Holiday Parking with Cambridge Hotel:

Why to worry about your car parking when you are planning your holiday? Cambridge hotel near Gatwick airport provides range of Holiday parking Gatwick packages which comes under the long term stay parking where while you are off for your vacation we will take care of your car at our parking facility. These holiday packages come mainly in two types; 8 days holiday package and 15 days holiday package.

Cheap rates with Holiday Parking:

As we want you to spend you're earnings on your precious holidays, Our holiday parking at Cambridge hotel near Gatwick airport are designed for you to spend more money on your holiday and less on your parking. Our holiday packages are quite cheap and affordable for a long stay duration parking.

Security with Holiday parking:

Our holiday parking facility which is situated at our Cambridge hotel itself is fully equipped with the security features to protect your car and keep it safe while you are out having your holiday without bothering about your car. The security measures taken to protect your car are:

  • CCTV: Cambridge Hotel Holoday parking near Gatwick airport provides full CCTV camera coverage of every corner of parking facility.
  • Lighting: Our parking facility have Well-lit parking areas throughout all parking are.
  • Fencing: High perimeter security fencing surrounds the complete perimeter of parking facility.

Transfers From- To Gatwick Airport:

We at Cambridge Hotel provide transfer services to and from the Gatwick airport which only takes around 5 minutes to get to airport, transfers are made by our minibus service which available in 24 hours flexible timing according to your flights arrival or departure.

When you leave your car at Cambridge Hotel, as per your booked plan you your car is parked in Cambridge Hotel's parking and you the transport service transfers you to the Gatwick airport and also picks you up when you return from your journey. Your car is transferred to our secured parking facility which is at the Cambridge hotel when you are off for your holiday. On your return you receive your car from Cambridge hotel.

On Arrival at Holiday Parking:

When you arrive at the Cambridge Hotel, you handover your car for parking which is temporarily parked in Cambridge Hotel's parking area. After this your transfer is made from Cambridge Hotel to the Gatwick airport's terminal area for your flight.

On Returning to Gatwick Airport:

After you have collected your cases you should call us on 01293 783990. In order to arrange a pick-up we should know; your name, which terminal (either South or North Terminal) you are waiting, and the number of people in your party. You then need to make your way to the Pick-up Point following signs to "Courtesy Coaches".

The pick-up point is located (both terminals) on the ground floor in the middle lane, outside the terminal building, and clearly sign-posted. The sign at the South Terminal should read "Hotel and Guest House Transfers - Service ". The sign at the North Terminal should read "Hotel and Guest House Shuttle Buses".

We are always enthusistic for your safe & happy holiday's".

Gatwick Airport Holiday Parking Address:

19 Bonehurst Road Horley, RH6 8PP, Surrey.
Tel: 01293 783 990